I grew up in Sutter County and began my love for the art of photography in high school.  That would be before the digital era, when you didn't develop images on a computer, but in a darkroom with smelly chemicals.  After shooting with a film SLR for years, I finally decided to get on board the digital wave.  The purpose was to be able capture images of the world around me and my family with greater ease.  My love for this art-form grew into consistently capturing moments for friends and family as well as all the nature and landscape I could get onto one memory card!  With the urging and inspiration of my family and friends, today, that love has grown into a business that allows me to create memories and art for my clients to reflect on for years to come.  Special acknowledgement and appreciation to my fellow photographers, Nikki Kesterson and Angela Wimpfheimer for their support.  Also, to my patient and encouraging family for always believing in me and my dreams.  

Thank you,

Rachel Ekberg
 ~Photo by Angela Dawn Images.

~Photo by Angela Dawn Images.


  • 20 years photography experience
  • Mom/wife/daughter/sister/cousin/ aunt/granddaughter
  • CC Business Management
  • AA in Foundations of Business
  • BS in Marketing (Summa Cum Laude)