What to expect when you are REflecting (Blogpost #1)

Welcome minions, er, uh I mean blog followers and loyal REflection gazers.  Before I begin, I just want you to know I am a rambler.  Not like the Allman Brother's song, because I'm not a long haired dude, I don't care for Cher, and because that was 100 years before I was born, but, because I lack the capacity to shut the hell up and my brain is totally random.  I will interrupt you.  Not to be rude but because I just got so excited about the latest random thought that came to my brain.  Ask my friends and clients.  They'll tell you "damn, she talks forevs" (because many of my clients are seniors in high school, hence the abreevs).  Ok, but seriously, tangents will happen in this blog.  It won't be just about my shoots, clients, and artwork.  Nope, you get to be subjected to whatever my brain conjures up that and I insist you be interested in too!  Yep.  Could be about my artwork.  Could be my current favorite book.  Could be my favorite TV show, my obsession with Disney, my kids, my horses, my dogs, my husband, my garden, my baking, songs I like, other artists I admire, my 9 siblings (we will get into that, haha), my bestie, random product plugs....be warned, yet share my randomness.  At times, I'll get philosophical and attempt inspirational.  At times I will get silly, offensive (not really), sad (pfft, not likely), and annoying (highly likely).  Yep.   Welcome.  Enjoy.  Comment.  Help me build my SEO.