Homegrown (REflections Photography, Yuba City, CA - Blogpost #3)

I do enjoy my modern conveniences, no doubt.  I like my truck with the electric windows, I like my microwave, my stand mixer, my flat screen, my cell phone, and of course my modern camera.  I prefer to 'camp' in a trailer with wifi and cable.  I mean, if you can, do, right?  However, sometimes I think I somehow got born in the wrong era.  60 years too late or something?  I could totally go off the grid if I didn't have to drive to work every day.  I grow my own food, hunt my own meat, catch fish, can drive a horse/cart (mom still needs to show me the proper way to put the harness on, but I digress), cook outside over a fire I built, and I still read real books  (on my kindle sometimes, but mostly paper pages).  I can my own produce, make jam, cook from scratch, and I can sew a little (I'd be better at it if I just had more time to focus on it).  Seriously, I want a ranch where I can live, garden, farm, ride, cook, clean, can, read, sew, and homeschool my kids.  Will it be harder than hell?  Hell yes.  Life is hard.  What I do now is hard.  I want a different hard.   I fully believe I could handle that...(ssshhhh, let me dream....)

On the subject of growing my own food,  I have been gardening for about 12 years now.   Some years are bountiful, some years not so much.  I do not care where you live or what your space is, you have room to garden.  Whether it's a 1 acre spread or a few containers on your balcony, you have room.  You also have time.  Trust me.  Take a day and get them planted, then take five minutes a day to pull weeds and water.  What you are left with is amazing tasting produce that you grew on your own.  Over the years my garden space has grown.  Thanks to my AMAZINGLY talented and handy husband, I went from a little 8x8 plot to this:

Don't mind the weeds, I hadn't had time to spray them with vinegar to kill them.

Don't mind the weeds, I hadn't had time to spray them with vinegar to kill them.

This year's spread includes: onions, tomatoes, garlic, pumpkins, cucumbers, crook-neck squash, potatoes, grapes, cilantro, corn, rhubarb, basil, thyme, chives, and oregano.  Also, every tree in our backyard is earning it's keep: Cherries, apples, pears, lemon, and almond.  

Each year we are inundated with tomatoes.  I always overplant and some end up rotting before I can harvest.  They get out of freaking control.  Attack of the killer tomatoes.  Well, I decided no tomatoes this year as I don't love to eat them and only use them to make sauce or salsa.  However, those little rotten ones that fell off the vine last year replanted themselves EVERYWHERE in my garden.  Last night, before the rain came, I transplanted them to one of the boxes where I had just harvested potatoes.  So, we will be inundated with tomatoes again this year.